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The Code of Ethics of Pesorama Inc. and its subsidiaries Joi Canadian Stores Inc (the “Company” or “Joi”). and others is intended to declare publicly the Company´s commitment to act ethically and transparently with stakeholders, and run businesses in a socially responsible way, rejecting at all acts or actions against the organization principles. This code applies to all officers, directors, and employees of the Company and each of its subsidiaries, affiliates as well as manufacturers, service providers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, partners, and factories (collectively “Vendors”) that work with and do business with Joi Canadian Stores Inc., regardless of geographic location.

Scope and Application:

Joi Canadian Stores Inc. Board of Directors and Executive Management have adopted this Policy to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring that every link in our supply chain understands and agrees to abide by Joi’s expectations with respect to product safety and quality, ethical and socially responsible sourcing, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including antibribery and anticorruption laws. While Joi recognizes that there are different legal and cultural environments in which our Vendors operate, this Code sets forth the basic requirements that all Vendors must meet in order to do business with our Company. Joi has developed this policy in concert with our stakeholders, including Vendors and associates, and with guidance from internationally accepted labor standards, including the United Nations declaration of Human Rights, Guiding Principles in Business and Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the International Labor Organization Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.


Joi Canadian Stores Inc. requests all Vendors to read, understand and communicate with internal teams this code of ethics.

1.-Compliance with Law

Vendor’s operations and those of its sourcing operations and/or factories shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations of the country and its government authorities where they are located. Such laws include, but are not limited to, employment, labor, environment, intellectual property, and anti-bribery and anticorruption laws and regulations.

2.-Work and Residential Environment

Vendors shall provide a safe and healthy workplace for its employees. When necessary, Vendors shall engage on-site security personnel, including workers hired directly by the facility or workers hired by third party service provider, to conduct routine and emergency activities in a way that ensures the highest levels of safety and security while also protecting the dignity of the worker. Vendors who provide dormitory and or residential facilities for their workers must ensure these facilities are safe, healthy and in compliance with local and national standards. Vendors must promote employee health and safety through internal training and awareness programs.

3.-Employee Discipline

Vendors shall not use physical corporal punishment, force that causes bodily harm or pain, or other forms of physical contact to punish or coerce workers. Vendors shall not engage in or permit psychological coercion or any other form of non-physical abuse, including threats of violence, sexual harassment, or verbal abuse. Employees shall be treated with dignity and respect.

4.-Non Discrimination

Vendors shall hire, promote, pay wages and benefits, terminate and provide access to trainings, without regard to race, color, gender, nationality, religion, age, maternity, martial status, ethnicity, social origin, disability, sexual orientation or membership in workers organizations including unions or political affiliation. Vendors shall ensure that hiring, promotion, and other human resource decisions shall be made on the workers qualifications, skills, abilities, experience, productivity, and overall job performance. Workers with the same qualifications, skills, experience, and performance shall receive equal pay for equal work in accordance with applicable labor laws.

5.-Child and Forced Labor

Joi Canadian Stores has zero tolerance policy for slave, child, underage, forced, prison, bonded or indentured labor. Child labor is defined as being below the local minimum working age or below the legal working age of each jurisdiction (or country). Vendors shall ensure that if facility entrances are guarded for security reasons, workers are free to leave at all times. Vendors shall not employ tactics to prevent workers from leaving at will, such as withholding salary or charging penalty when workers terminate their contract, or by withholding personal identifications documents such as IDs and passports.

6.-Country of Origin

Vendors shall not use deceptive trade practices to deliberately misrepresent country of origin in order to evade quota or other import restrictions or duties on any product(s) that will be sold in our stores.


Vendors must not tolerate, permit, or engage in bribery, corruption, or unethical practices whether in dealing with public officials or individuals in the private sector. Joi Canadian Stores Inc. associates and their agents must comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws including, CFPOA Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act, which prohibits offering anything pf value to officials, political parties, or candidates from foreign countries in return of favors for a company.

8.-Audits, Monitoring, and Other Management Systems for the Prevention of Violations of the Code of Vendor Conduct

Joi Canadian Stores Inc., which code of ethics is distributed to all Vendors and associates annually, must be read and acknowledged. The Company also conducts periodic Code of Ethics training.

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