At the core of PesoRama, we take pride in providing high-quality household and seasonal staples at affordable prices.

PesoRama launched operations in 2019 in Mexico City and the surrounding areas targeting high density, high traffic locations and has grown to 21 stores.

We have big dreams and even bigger goals. Our focus now is on expansion , as we work to open 640+ stores in Mexico over the next five years.

  • First Mover Advantage:

PesoRama has pursued First Mover Advantage for the true dollar store in Mexico to fill a considerable gap in the Mexican retail market. The Mexican retail landscape is fragmented with multi-outlets, malls, independent retailers, and some discount stores, but no significant chain of discount stores across the country, and currently no company with a growing network of dollar stores like PesoRama.

  • Large Market Size Potential:

PesoRama’s simple, growth-oriented, discount general merchandise business model addresses the gap between local bodegas and big box retailers. PesoRama views the Mexican retail gap as an opportunity to scale to a sizable network of stores across the country just as dollar stores have scaled into tens of thousands of stores across the United States and Canada. PesoRama estimates the addressable market in Mexico could be as high as 13,700 stores.

  • Consumer Demand in Mexico:

Mexico has a population of over 131 million with a growing middle class seeking value with increasing purchasing power and a youthful demographic that is more money conscious. In addition, Mexico is predominantly a cash-based society with shopping and buying behaviour favouring brick and mortar stores.

  • Experienced Management Team:

PesoRama is founded by successful entrepreneurs with a proven track record in retail, real estate and the dollar store sector. The management team knows how to operate a low price-point retail business end-to-end, from direct sourcing, to managing product assortment, demand forecasting, importation, logistics and transportation, warehousing and inventory management, store location selection and store design, marketing, and investing in its people and the right culture for success.

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